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Channels and gates reveal the unique qualities and strengths that lie within our design.

By the end of this class, you will know how to step more deeply into your own strengths as well as how to help others step into theirs, and will have a deep foundational understanding of the mechanics underneath the channels.

What you’ll learn
  • How to identify a person’s gates and channels by looking at their chart
  • Qualities of the 64 gates
  • Qualities of the 36 channels, including gifts and challenges of each
  • Tools those with each channel can use to reflect
  • The difference between a gate in a defined center and a gate in an undefined center
  • The difference between a conscious gate or channel and an unconscious gate or channel
  • The circuits in human design (the different themes channels fall within)
  • How to best communicate with people with certain circuitry
  • Different types of channels (e.g., Generated, Projected)
  • How the channels relate to the centers
  • Format channels (energy that can inform an entire chart)
  • All the possible emotional waves
  • How to explore and share about one’s incarnation cross simply by looking at one’s gates


Uma Girish

"Channels have been such a struggle for me to understand. The language has always felt clunky and inaccessible. 30 minutes into this class and I’m falling in love with this aspect of human design."

Lisa Lavoie

"The way this class is organized made it so much easier to understand."

Chelsea Willing

"This class was structured so well for someone to take it in without any previous experience."

Camille Curro

"The channels and gates class continues to blow me away."



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