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Defined Centers

Defined Centers

Defined centers are where our energy is most reliable; it’s what makes us us.

By the end of this class, you will know how to move from the shadow to the wisdom of each defined center and how to support and guide others to tap into the gifts of their defined centers as well as become conscious of how they impact others with their energy.

What you’ll learn
  • What the relationship is between one’s defined centers, undefined centers, and type
  • What each defined center means
  • The potential challenges of each defined center
  • The potential wisdom each defined center holds
  • Practical tools to align with each defined center
  • The impact each defined center has on the world around them
  • How each defined center plays out at work, in relationships, and in parenting
  • How each defined center shows up in relationship with the corresponding undefined center
  • How each defined center shows up in children
  • How to support those with each defined center
  • Tools those with each defined center can use to reflect
  • What it means if every single center is defined


Abigail Boudreaux

"This class is so incredibly rich and inspiring."

Nadine Termeer

"I am in love with this grounded, practical approach to human design."

Jenn Brotherton

"These classes are absolutely phenomenal. They have blown past my highest hopes and expectations."



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