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Created and Instructed by Erin Claire Jones

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Blueprint Pro is an online, self-led course that will help you develop a deep foundational and practical understanding of the human design system.

Erin Claire Jones

In the Blueprint Pro human design course you’ll learn how to...

  • Understand someone’s chart and assess the key pieces to share
  • Fluently speak about the most essential pieces of an individual’s design
  • Hold space for a meaningful conversation around how someone can use their design to move out of resistance and into flow in their life
  • Guide someone to use their design practically to build a business, work, guide a family and show up in relationships in the most aligned way
  • Understand how someone is uniquely designed to use their energy, create aligned opportunities, make decisions, process, work through their challenges, leverage their strengths, align with their purpose and more according to their design
  • Help people connect to their intuition and most natural way of making decisions
  • Offer customized guidance around how people are meant to best digest, sleep, move their bodies and place themselves in the right environments
  • Weave together a chart and support clients in practically living their design
  • Build a comprehensive toolbox around living your own design

In the language of human design, you’ll develop a deep
foundational and practical understanding around...

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What’s Included?

12 in-depth audio-only learning modules with over 14 hours of audio classes with Erin Claire Jones, covering:

  • How to Hold Space for the Human Design Conversation
  • The 5 Types
  • Not-Self & Signature: Tools to Keep us On Track
  • The 5 Strategies: How We Create Aligned Opportunities
  • The 7 Inner Authorities: How We Best Make Decisions
  • Open and Undefined Centers: Where We Discover Our Biggest Lessons
  • Defined Centers: Where Our Energy is Most Reliable
  • Profiles: How to Align With Our Purpose
  • Channels: Our Innate Strengths
  • How to Read a Chart
  • Variables: How We Best Digest, Learn, Exercise and More
  • How to Weave This Information Into a Session, Next Steps

Lifetime access to all material

Lifetime access to all future updates made to the course (at no additional cost)

Student-led weekly study groups within our community space

Transcripts of lectures with illustrations (totaling 400+ pages of written resources)

Quizzes to test your knowledge

Immediate access to our private online community of over 400 human design enthusiasts and experts

One free month of Blueprint Sessions (valued at $99)

Two free Blueprint books (valued at $190)

As the course expands, the price will not.

This is only the beginning. Blueprint Pro will continue to evolve and grow over time, and you’ll have lifetime access to every update made at no additional cost. We’re talking about:

  • Video lessons with Erin Claire Jones to enhance your real-world understanding of the course material
  • A variety of multimedia shares from previous students to aid learning and build community
  • The opportunity to become a Blueprint Preferred Reader and gain access to our thriving community of human design enthusiasts
  • and more

About Erin Claire Jones

Erin Claire Jones

Erin Claire Jones uses human design to help thousands of individuals and companies step into their work and their lives as their truest selves and to their highest potential. Her work as a guide, coach, and teacher has attracted a growing community of over 200,000 people who turn to her teachings for practical tools, digestible tips, and deeper self-knowledge they can access to live with greater ease and authenticity every single day.

With work featured in Forbes, mindbodygreen, Well&Good, and Nylon; on over 200 podcasts such as Almost30, Mark Groves, Highest Self, and Chatty Broads; and conversations with crowds of hundreds around the world, Erin’s insights are highly sought-after because they make human design pragmatic, tangible, accessible — and immediately applicable to everyday life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Investment?



  • 12 Learning modules
  • 2 free Blueprint books (valued at $190)
  • 1 free month of Blueprint Sessions (valued at $99)
  • Lifetime access to all course materials
  • Digital transcripts of lectures with illustrations (totaling 400+ pages of written resources)
  • Access to a community of all other Blueprint Pro students
Payment Plan
per month for 3 months
$2595 total


  • Everything in the course!
  • You will receive course material over three months
  • You will receive your 2 free Blueprint books after your third successful payment

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