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What’s Included?

Your guide will cover the most actionable elements of your human design.

  • Type: How you’re uniquely designed to lead and operate
  • Strategy: How you create aligned opportunities
  • Authority: How you best make decisions
  • Profile: How to align with your purpose
  • Definition: How you best process things
  • Channels: How to leverage your unique strengths
  • Centers: How to work with and overcome potential challenges
  • Not-self & Signature: How to stay aligned day-to-day
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We’ve delivered 25,000+ human design guides since 2019.

From corporate executives to startup founders, wellness practitioners to neurosurgeons, super moms, and even younglings who have yet to take their first steps, we have created guides for people in over 150 countries, for all ages, in all professions, and at every stage of life.

Kelly Sue Milano

"I just read through my Blueprint guide and I am spellbound. I feel like I have finally exhaled after years of holding my breath. My Blueprint guide feels so healing and right on. So brilliantly and thoughtfully expressed."

Robyn Montgomery

"Your Blueprint guides are amazing! I refer to mine regularly and now purchase for my clients as a gift. Thank you for making human design so approachable and personable. Your words are magic."

Kat Elizabeth

"I had goosebumps and tears in my eyes while reading my Blueprint guide. So validating, so much clarity and so valuable."

Ranjana TN

"The guide is so beautiful and I felt so seen. I'm in awe of how simply, elegantly, and insightfully you've explained everything. It's so easy to digest yet so profound."

Rimi Kachhadia

"I have never known anyone to know me so well as the Blueprint guide. It's like my reflection. All my questions were answered."

Lav Nandlall

"My Blueprint guide has been a game changer. I've been savoring this information that is helping me level-up in my life. After being mentally stagnant for 3 years, this guide has helped to get me moving."

What is a Blueprint Guide?

What is a Blueprint Guide?

A Blueprint Guide is the best place to start learning about your human design. It is a 55+ page guide to your unique human design written and compiled by our team. The Blueprint Guide is entirely personalized to your specific design. Your Blueprint Guide explores how you are uniquely wired to lead, make decisions, create opportunities, cultivate relationships, work with your strengths, overcome your challenges, and so much more. Think of your Blueprint Guide as a user’s manual that will show you how to take advantage of your unique wiring to operate at your best. Your Blueprint Guide is meant to be a resource that you can continue to return to over time, especially in moments of resistance or challenge. The intention behind the Blueprint Guide is to make the information about your design as empowering, accessible, and actionable as it can be.

What’s included in the Blueprint Guide?

Your Blueprint Guide explores your human design type (how you are designed to best use your energy), your strategy (how you are meant to cultivate the most aligned opportunities), your inner authority (how you best make decisions), your definition (how you best process information), each of your open centers (where you are most sensitive to others’ energy and have the biggest lessons to learn), each of your defined centers (where your energy operates most consistently and reliably), your channels (your innate strengths), your profile (how you’re wired to manifest your purpose), your not self and signature (signposts to keep you on track) and examples and reflective questions to bring it all together.

Is the Blueprint Guide sent digitally?

Yes. Once your guide is ready, it will be available for you to download as a PDF and will be viewable on all devices and is designed to be easy to print.

How is the Blueprint Guide sent to me?

The Blueprint Guide is sent as a digital PDF. You will be able to login and download the Blueprint Guide as soon as it’s ready.

Is each Blueprint Guide unique?

Entirely. No two are the same.

Is the Blueprint Guide accessible to beginners?

Absolutely. The intention of the Blueprint Guide is to translate the language of human design into a practical, empowering, and accessible format, so even if you are not knowledgeable about human design, it will be easily accessible and understandable for you.

Will the Blueprint Guide be useful if I’ve already been digging into human design for awhile?

Yes! We’ve had many fellow human design readers purchase Blueprint Guides for themselves and their clients, and share how useful it is to have all the most essential pieces of their design in one place, in a book format they can keep returning to and re-reading to stay aligned.

Is the Blueprint Guide available in any other languages besides English?

Not yet.

Can I buy a Blueprint Guide as a gift?

Yes! Absolutely. Our human design guides are amazing gifts for friends, family, colleagues, and more.

What if I want a refund on my Blueprint Guide?

While we hope you love your Blueprint Guide, if for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, we offer a 14 day money-back guarantee. Simply send us an email at [email protected] and we're happy to help.

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