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Live Discussions – Summer 2023

Live Discussions – Summer 2023

While all the classes are pre-recorded and self-led, we’ve found many students thrive in live, group dynamics where they can learn from each other, ask questions, and dive more deeply into the material. In our experience, coming together to learn in community is one of the most powerful ways to integrate the material.

Twice a year, we offer a live, twelve-week group-learning experience where students engage in a weekly discussion facilitated by Blueprint founder and the creator of the course, Erin Claire Jones.

Each week, we’ll dive into a specific class from the course with a 90 minute discussion and Q&A. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and deepen your understanding of the human design system through hearing people’s real-world experiences integrating it into their lives.

Our next live course will be starting in June 2023.

Course materials are not included; this purchase is exclusively to join the live discussions with Erin Claire Jones. We recommend you take all classes in preparation for these sessions but the classes are not required to participate.


Week 1
Intro to Human Design
Week 2
Week 3
Not-Self & Signature
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Open and Undefined Centers
Week 7
Defined Centers
Week 8
Week 9
Week 10
Week 11
How to Read a Chart
Week 12


Sara Agha

"I feel so much better about sharing human design since joining the live version of the course. Thank you for sharing all your insights and words of encouragement and wisdom."

Heidi Liow

“I was blown away with this whole experience and by how supportive and inclusive the community was.”

Nicole Gaucher

“I just love the community and the way it’s the focus of the live calls. It really adds so much depth to hear from others and learn about how they notice aspects of their design show up in their real life.”

Jamie Clark

"Erin held such a beautiful container for all of us to learn and grow in. Her knowledge is unparalleled, and she created so much safety for us to share vulnerably about our human experience."

Camille Curro

"If you’re considering the live round, just do it. It blew me away. The energy of everyone will light you up."

Ami Ueda

"This was by far the best human design course I have taken. Erin is an incredible teacher with such a profound wisdom, an amazing practical approach, and a beautiful empowering language. And I met the most amazing and inspiring people from all over the world.”

Brandi Healy

“The best time and money I spent this year without question."

Janna Herberg

"What a brilliant way to learn human design! This was not my first human design reader training and I felt like I always was missing something in the other trainings and I discovered it was: community! I was actually looking forward to all sessions with Erin and the group and was truly upset on days I couldn't make it. I loved how topics like parenting, business and more were covered in each piece. I think the most beautiful aspect was that Erin made this course so easeful. Human design can be quite a complex system but this course made it feel like a breeze. So playful, insightful, educational and fun! I am looking forward to keep studying and learning. I feel like after so many years learning human design this course has helped me find my own language for it. Thank you Erin & Team! I'm so grateful I was able to be part of a live version of this course."


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