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“Such a grounded, practical approach to human design."
- Nadine Termeer
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Fall 2023

Blueprint Live HD Course

with Erin Claire Jones 

“The best human design course I've taken." - Ami Ueda

From newbies to seasoned readers, this live, interactive 12-week course will teach you everything you need to know about human design.

  • Oct 3 to Dec 19 2023
  • 12 Live Classes (3 hours each)
  • Private community portal
  • A dedicated “Ask Erin” space
  • Lifetime access to all recordings
  • Space is limited
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12 weekly classes

Each class is 3 hours long and will include time for Q&A, discussion and group shares

Ask Erin Anything

A dedicated space to get Erin’s answers to all your questions between calls

Private community

Make new friends and learn alongside other like-minded and curious human design lovers

Accessible for everyone

Whether you’re a human design newbie or a seasoned reader, this course will deepen your knowledge and give you new, creative ways to apply and share human design

Rich in practical insights

From relationships to career to parenting and beyond

Lifetime access

You will have access to the class recordings forever as well as past and future live rounds


We will dive into the foundational knowledge and (far) beyond

No gate-keeping

You will get your hands on the hard-to-find info like the variables, gates and channels

Real-world insights

You will deepen your knowledge by learning how others’ designs show up in their real life


Breakout groups to connect with people who share pieces of your design and to deepen your understanding through real-life shares

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Schedule & Syllabus


Intro to Human Design

- What human design is and what human design is not

- How human design can help us to find more flow in our careers, leadership, families, relationships and lives

- How best to share human design with others

Oct 03 3hr


- Each of the 5 types, exploring the gifts and challenges of each

- Practical tools to align with each energy type

- How to best support each energy type in different areas of their lives, from career to parenting

- Compatibility between types

Oct 10 3hr

Not-Self & Signature

- Each not-self and signature

- Practical tools for each type to stay aligned and on track using their not-self and signature

- Stories and case studies to ground this concept in the real world

Oct 17 3hr


- Each of the 5 strategies and how they show up in the real world

- Common myths and misunderstandings around each strategy

- Practical tips to align with each strategy in every area of one’s life, from career to relationships

- How to guide and support those with each strategy

Oct 24 3hr


- Each of the 7 authorities and all the deeper layers in the chart that reveal how we best make decisions

- Practical tools to build trust in one’s authority

- How to best support those with each authority, whether it’s around parenting, career or relationships

Oct 31 3hr

Open & Undefined Centers

- Each of the 9 undefined centers and what it looks like to live in the shadow and wisdom of each

- Tools to move from the shadow to the wisdom of each center

- How to guide those with each center, specifically as it relates to relationship, family and team dynamics

- Case studies and stories of how the undefined centers show up in the real world

Nov 07 3hr

Defined Centers

- Each of the 9 defined centers and what it looks like to live in the shadow and wisdom of each

- Practical tools to move from the shadow to the wisdom of each center

- How to support those with each center and become conscious of the impact of the defined centers in relationships

- Case studies and stories of how the defined centers can show up in the real world

Nov 14 3hr


- How profile can be a powerful tool to align with our purpose, build our careers, market our work to the world, and find flow in our relationships

- Each of the 6 profile lines, the 12 different profile combinations and compatibility with the different profiles

- Practical tools to align with each profile

- Tools to support those with different profiles around parenting, career, leadership, purpose, and relationships

Nov 21 3hr


- The themes, gifts, and challenges of the 36 channels as well as their associated gates

- How to support those with different channels

- The different types of channels, conscious versus unconscious channels, format channels, emotional waves and circuitry

- My approach to the incarnation cross

Nov 28 3hr


- Each of the 7 definitions and how definition can show up practically in our lives

- How to identify where people can get taken off track according to their definition

- Potential challenges of each definition and practical tools to align with each definition

- How to guide those with each definition and navigate different definitions in relationships

Dec 05 3hr

How to Read a Chart

- Where each aspect comes from in the chart

- How to assess someone’s design by just looking at the chart

Dec 12 3hr


- Each of the variables (also known as the arrows)

- How to optimally eat, learn, place yourself in the right environment, exercise, perceive and be motivated according to your variables

- Tools to offer personalized insights to others around food, environment, learning, movement, perspective and motivation

Dec 19 3hr
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About Erin Claire Jones

Erin Claire Jones uses human design to help thousands of individuals and companies step into their work and their lives as their truest selves and to their highest potential. Her work as a guide, coach, and teacher has attracted a growing community of over 250,000 people who turn to her teachings for practical tools, digestible tips, and deeper self-knowledge they can access to live with greater ease and authenticity every single day.

With work featured in Forbes, mindbodygreen, Well&Good, and Nylon; on over 250 podcasts such as Almost30, Mark Groves, Highest Self, and Chatty Broads; and conversations with crowds of hundreds around the world, Erin’s insights are highly sought-after because they make human design pragmatic, tangible, accessible — and immediately applicable to everyday life.

Hundreds of happy students

from around the world.

Cynthia Davidson

“I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on other human design courses, and this is the only one that has resonated with me in such a deep way.”

Brandi Healy

"The best time and money I spent this year without question."

Sara Agha

"I feel so much better about sharing human design since joining the live version of the course. Thank you for sharing all your insights and words of encouragement and wisdom."

Heidi Liow

“I was blown away with this whole experience and by how supportive and inclusive the community was.”

Nicole Gaucher

“I just love the community and the way it’s the focus of the live calls. It really adds so much depth to hear from others and learn about how they notice aspects of their design show up in their real life.”

Jamie Clark

"Erin held such a beautiful container for all of us to learn and grow in. Her knowledge is unparalleled, and she created so much safety for us to share vulnerably about our human experience."

Camille Curro

"If you’re considering the live round, just do it. It blew me away. The energy of everyone will light you up."

Ami Ueda

"This was by far the best human design course I have taken. Erin is an incredible teacher with such a profound wisdom, an amazing practical approach, and a beautiful empowering language. And I met the most amazing and inspiring people from all over the world.”

Lisa Lavoie

“This course was a stretch for me and I had no idea what to expect. It far exceeded any expectation I could have come up with. The Ask Erin section was pure gold. I have never experienced being able to ask all the questions I wanted, never feeling too much and always receiving such generous thorough answers.”

Janna Herberg

“What a brilliant way to learn human design! This was not my first Human Design Reader Training and I felt like I always was missing something. I discovered what it was: community! After so many years learning human design, this course has helped me find my own language for it.”


Do I need to purchase the online classes in order to join the live course?

Purchasing the online classes is not a required prerequisite to joining the live course, but we do strongly recommend it in order to get the most out of your live learning experience. Our online classes serve as the foundation for our live course.

What are the benefits of joining the live course?

Aside from having direct access to Erin for 12 weeks, one of the biggest benefits to joining the live course is the community and interactivity. We have seen first-hand that coming together live with other students, sharing experiences and insights within a group setting, and learning in community is one of the most powerful ways to integrate the material. Beyond the classes, case studies and real-world examples of the material allow a deeper, more integrated understanding of human design.

What makes the live course different from the online classes?

The online classes will cover everything in a detailed, structured format – they are a textbook come to life, including audio, video, text and illustrations. They offer foundational, fundamental human design knowledge, and are meant to serve as a resource you can keep returning to. The live course is designed to be interactive, community-driven and co-created by the group. Beyond the coursework, the live course offers an opportunity to learn with a like-minded community and with direct mentorship from Erin.

Will I learn the same information in the live course as in the online classes?

Not quite. Both will give you a great human design education, but they differ from one another as they have been intentionally created to complement each other. The online classes give you a comprehensive knowledge of each aspect of the chart, and the live course creates space to integrate the material through Q&A, live shares and discussion.

If I’m new to human design, is the live course for me?

Yes! We’ve had students in our live courses ranging from total newbies to seasoned human design readers. If you are brand new to human design, we do recommend purchasing each of our classes to build a strong foundation in human design.

If I can only do either the online classes or the live course, which one is for me?

This is up to you and your personal preferred learning style. The online classes are packed full of content (over 18 hours) that you can return to whenever you’d like – we like to think of them like a multi-media textbook. The live course is a chance to learn in a shared learning environment, build community, and get intimate access to Erin. It’s the best place to learn and integrate your human design knowledge through discussion, q&a and real-life examples. It also only happens once a year, whereas the online classes are always available.

What time are the live calls?

The live calls will be held weekly on Tuesday's from 2-5pm EST. All calls will be recorded and uploaded to the private course portal the next day.

What if my time zone doesn’t work with the live call times?

All live calls will be recorded and posted in the community portal the next day. While joining live is encouraged, it is not mandatory.

Will I be a certified human design reader once I complete the live course?

Blueprint does not offer certifications. However, this course will prepare you with everything you need to begin offering human design readings, and we encourage you to share that you studied with Erin Claire Jones.

Do you offer any payment plans?

We do not offer a payment plan on the live course. However, each of our online classes is sold individually, so if you choose to purchase them you are welcome to do so one at a time.

Do you offer refunds?

All sales are final.

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