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Authority reveals how we can each make decisions in the most aligned way.

By the end of this class, you will know how to apply your authority in every area of your life and how to help others connect to their authority, too.

What you’ll learn
  • What the seven different decision-making styles are in human design
  • The nuances of the different types of intuition in human design
  • Practical tools to put each authority into practice
  • Practical tools to build trust with one’s authority
  • Potential challenges of each authority
  • Myths and misunderstandings around each authority
  • How to best support each authority in adults and children
  • How each authority shows up in the real world
  • Tools each authority can use to reflect


Rosie Anastasio

"These classes make the most complex things so simple to understand."

Jordyn Semeniuk

"I signed up so I could add value for my clients, but l'm learning so much about my own design in the process."

Desiree Pais

"These classes are incredible and Erin is one of the best teachers. Period."



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