Want to learn what human design says about family dynamics? Join us in Pro!



Profile reveals how we are uniquely designed to align with our purpose and gives us potent information around how we can best learn, get our needs met in relationships and share our offerings with the world.

By the end of this class, you will know how to use your profile to find more flow in your work, marketing and relationships, and how to support others in using their profile to align with their unique purpose.

What you’ll learn
  • How to use one’s profile to find career alignment
  • The characteristics of each profile line
  • Celebrities with each profile line
  • Myths and misunderstandings around each profile line
  • Potential challenges each profile line may face
  • Tools to align with one’s profile on a daily basis
  • How a person can share and market their work according to their profile
  • How to best support someone based on their profile, in general and specifically around career
  • How to support children with each profile line
  • The 12 different profile combinations
  • The different angles (themes profiles fall within)
  • Compatibility between different profiles
  • Tools those with each profile line can use to reflect


Erin Panzarella

"I am so grateful to learn human design from these classes. They're pure magic."

Miquell Hennigan

"As always, this class overdelivers."

Uma Girish

"Studying human design with these classes is my daily joy."

Janisha Harie

"An incredible amount of detail shared in this class."



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