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Variables, which are represented in the human design chart by the arrows at the top, map the transformation we go through as we optimize our bodies and minds. They reveal how we best digest food, how we best learn, how to place ourselves in the right environment, how to move our bodies in the optimal way for us, how we perceive the world and where we’re each meant to find motivation.

By the end of this class, you will know how to work with the intricacies of each arrow in your own life and how to practically work with them to optimize your own body and mind. You will know how to offer personalized insights to others around digestion, environment, learning, movement, perspective and motivation.

What You’ll Learn
  • What each variable means
  • Which pieces to focus on with children
  • What it means when each arrow faces right or left
  • The different digestion types 
  • Practical tools to work with each digestion type
  • What the variables say about how we best learn
  • The different cognitions (our strongest sense)
  • The different environments
  • Practical tools to work with each environment
  • What the variables say about exercise and movement
  • What transference means
  • The different perspectives and views
  • The different motivations
  • Tools those with each motivation can use to reflect
  • How to share this information with others


Jamie Clark

"This class does such an amazing job of translating something so incredibly nuanced and making it accessible."

Leah McCloud

"I have never found a more approachable, digestible resource explaining the Variables."

Trevor Yip

"The variables class far surpassed my expectations and blew me away!"


"This class was the best investment I've made."



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