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Signs of Being Off Track in Human Design

Erin Claire Jones

3 minute read

In human design, each type has a specific sign that lets them know they may be off track known as their “not-self.” It can be useful to identify what this specific sign is for you, so that you are able to check in and come back into alignment when it arises.

Today, I wanted to share what being out of alignment can look like for each type. I’ve also included some reflection questions to use when you notice you’re feeling misaligned. Know that your “not-self” is not something to avoid. It’s simply a reminder to pause and consider what you can do to come back into alignment.

For Manifestors, the sign that you may be off track is a feeling of anger. Perhaps you’re feeling controlled, interfered with, or powerless, and are not giving yourself permission to initiate.

If you’re feeling angry, step back and ask yourself:

  • Am I able to be in my own flow?
  • Do I feel empowered to do things in my own way and on my own terms?
  • Am I keeping people in the loop with my decisions?
  • Am I being unapologetic in who I am? Or am I shrinking in my power instead and asking others for permission?

For Reflectors, the sign that you may be off track is a feeling of disappointment. Perhaps you feel rushed or pressured to make a decision, or you’re investing in spaces and people that don’t feel right.

If you’re feeling disappointed, step back and ask yourself:

  • Am I giving myself time alone to release what’s not mine?
  • Am I investing in spaces that feel good?
  • Am I investing in people and communities where I feel recognized, and where I’m invited to share my perspective?
  • Am I taking my time with decisions?

For Generators and Manifesting Generators, the sign that you may be off track is a feeling of frustration (Manifesting Generators may also feel anger). This may be because you’re initiating, not trusting your gut, or are dissatisfied with how you’re using your energy each day.

If you’re feeling often frustrated, step back and ask yourself:

  • Did I let this thing come to me, or did I force and initiate it?
  • Did I honor my gut response?
  • Am I still lit up and energized by this thing?
  • Am I saying yes to things just because I think I should or out of obligation?

For Projectors, the sign that you may be off track is a feeling of bitterness. Perhaps you feel no one is listening to you, you feel burnt out, or you don’t feel recognized and invited in to share your true gifts.

If you’re feeling bitter, step back and ask yourself:

  • Do I still feel recognized and invited in here? (Remember, invitations can come with an expiration date.)
  • Does this still feel like the right opportunity or relationship for me?
  • Am I standing tall in my value and do I feel valued for my unique gifts?
  • Am I honoring the ebbs and flows of my energy and taking rest when I need?

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