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What is Human Design?

Erin Claire Jones

2 minute read

Understanding ourselves is the journey of a lifetime. Along the way, we meet people and discover ideas that offer windows into where we belong and what we’re meant to pursue. Human design is one of those windows.

So how does it work?

Human design is a system based on your time, date, and place of birth that reveals your energetic blueprint and how you are uniquely wired to thrive.

It brings together ancient wisdom — astrology, the I Ching, the chakra system and the Kabbalah — with modern science — quantum physics and genetics — to give you an operating manual that shows how you are uniquely wired to work, make decisions, cultivate relationships, work with your challenges, leverage your strengths and more.

Human design gives you the self-knowledge and tools to find your flow in your relationships, career and life with every decision you make. It’s not about changing who you are; it’s about giving you full permission to be who you’ve always been.

Where did it come from?

As far as origin stories go, this one feels straight out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In 1987, a guy named Alan Krakower was walking to his home in Ibiza one night when he heard a voice that said, “It’s time to work.” Then, over eight days, he “channeled” what he called “the human design system.”

Then, he changed his name to Ra Uru Hu and began teaching this system around the world. Over the following three decades, millions of people began studying and sharing this mystical system and reporting back that it allowed them to unlock their potential and find flow in their lives.

Pretty wild, right?

Regardless of how wild the story, what matters most to us is not whether any of this is true, but whether the information that human design provides is useful. And since we’ve now shared it with tens of thousands of people who have gone on to use human design to make powerful and positive shifts in their lives, we can say that living in alignment with one’s unique human design is a powerful strategy to living your best life. (And possibly to becoming a superhero.)

And remember…

Human design is relatively new, and sometimes, what is shared about it can feel limiting and disempowering. What’s always been most important to me is to share human design in a way that feels empowering and useful — I believe human design is meant to be a tool that helps us step into our highest potential, not one that limits us. The question I always focus on with my clients is not: is this system true? but rather, is it helpful? My experience is that it can be profoundly helpful and transformative in our careers, relationships, families and lives (more so personally than any other tool I’ve found), and to me, that is what’s most important.


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