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Gifts of Each Type in Human Design

Erin Claire Jones

3 minute read

Today, I wanted to share about the innate gifts of each human design type. While there is so much in our design beyond type that can shed light on our unique gifts — our profile, channels and centers, just to name a few — type is a great place to start.

I find the more we are of our differences and of our unique gifts, the more harmonious our relationships can become. Here’s to appreciating the gifts we each uniquely carry.

As a Manifesting Generator, some of your gifts are…

  • Being a multi-passionate, creative force and reminding the world how much is possible when we let go of any constraint to do or be just one thing.
  • Bringing ideas to life that you’re lit up and energized by.
  • Finding the fastest way to make something happen when you’re feeling inspired and lit up.
  • Uplifting and expanding everyone around you with your charisma, energy and passion.
  • Reminding the world of the power of pivoting, letting go and reinventing ourselves when it’s time, and the magic of walking a non-linear path.

As a Projector, some of your gifts are…

  • Seeing people deeply and recognizing their potential.
  • Asking the right questions.
  • Modeling a new, more easeful way of success, one that isn’t about working harder or doing more.
  • Helping others use their energy more effectively and offering a new, better way of doing things.
  • Being deeply sensitive to and wise about people, and leading, teaching and guiding others from that place.

As a Manifestor, some of your gifts are…

  • Having the energy to get things started and off the ground, whether it’s a project or a movement.
  • Bringing new ideas and inspirations into the world.
  • Having the courage to walk a path that hasn’t been walked before and to show the world an entirely new way of doing things.
  • Having a powerful impact on the people and world around you.
  • Reminding us all that being bold and authentic in how we show up (rather than seeking to please) allows us to inspire and impact the right people.

As a Generator, some of your gifts are…

  • Being a creative force and bringing ideas to life you’re lit up and excited by.
  • Uplifting and powering everyone around you with your bright, warm energy.
  • Bringing a steady commitment, mastery and depth to whatever it is you do.
  • Modeling what it looks like to prioritize your own excitement and satisfaction, and how doing just that uplifts not only you but the world around you.

As a Reflector, some of your gifts are…

  • Being deeply perceptive and seeing and sensing things others might not see.
  • Offering an objective, wise and powerful perspective on what’s happening around you.
  • Reflecting back what’s working (and what’s not) and guiding people, teams and communities toward progress.
  • Being able to show up and express yourself in a multitude of ways when you choose to lean into your fluidity rather than resist it.
  • Reminding us that we’re all unique and meant to do things differently.

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