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10 Things to Trust as a Generator in Human Design

Erin Claire Jones

2 minute read

Living in alignment with our design is a practice and an ongoing, ever-evolving process. So often, we’ve spent our lives trying to be everything we’re not instead of leaning into who we authentically are, and it can take practice to begin to do so.

So today, I wanted to share 10 things to trust as a Generator as a helpful list to return to. By embracing what makes you uniquely you, you may start to find more ease and flow in your life, career, relationships and more.

10 things to trust…

  1. Trust the power of saying no; saying no to anything that’s not a full-bodied yes in your gut creates space for the most aligned opportunities to come in.
  2. Trust that you create the most value for the world not when you do what others ask or think you should do, but when you follow what lights you up. You may be good at many things, but when you are lit up and on fire about something, that’s when you know you’re on the path meant for you.
  3. Trust the wisdom of your desires. Follow what you desire and what brings you joy; this is always pointing you in the right direction and to the right next step. 
  4. Trust your magnetism. The right opportunities will show up in your world; your job is to pay attention to what shows up that lights you up, not to chase after anything. 
  5. Trust that the right relationships will energize you and give you deep satisfaction and fulfillment. 
  6. Trust the power of your gut feeling. It’s always meant to take you in the right direction, for decisions big and small.
  7. Trust that your days are meant to be full of people, projects, and activities that light up and satisfy you. 
  8. Trust that the right collaborators and friends will prioritize your excitement, knowing that when you feel good, they feel good. 
  9. Trust the power of having strong boundaries and being intentional about where to put your energy and when.
  10. Trust that just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.

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