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A Gift Guide for Human Design Manifesting Generators

Erin Claire Jones

2 minute read

Though it’s hard to believe, the holiday season is already upon us! So today, we wanted to share a few gift ideas for Manifesting Generators.

Whether you’re a Manifesting Generator looking for ideas to add to your own wish-list, or there’s a Manifesting Generator in your life you’re looking for the perfect gift for, we’ve got you covered.

Read on for 10 can’t-go-wrong gifts for Manifesting Generators:

  • Of course, we have to start this list with a Blueprint Guide. We’re biased, but we really do believe these guides make incredible gifts. Is there anything more thoughtful than giving someone the gift of deeply understanding themselves and finding more flow in their lives? We think not.
  • Next up, a Human Design Blueprint gift card. Just as thoughtful, but you won’t need anyone’s birth information to get one. Perfect stocking stuffer. Perfect to add to your own wish list. Cannot go wrong.
  • A subscription to a course platform (something like Masterclass) to indulge their various interests. This is something they probably would not buy for themselves, which makes it an excellent gift.
  • A gift card for a creative class they’d love to try, like a pottery or painting class. The gift card is key because it means they can go whenever they want, which is ideal for the MG in your life.
  • On that note, if the MG you’re shopping for is particularly creative and you’re looking for a physical product to gift them, how about a nice at-home crafting kit or some supplies for their latest DIY undertaking?
  • Tickets to see a show/performer/musician they’ve been obsessing over. A joyful, adventurous, fun night out seeing the thing they’re totally lit up by? This, for an MG, is perfection.
  • A voucher for a weekend getaway, redeemable at any time. This is great for a few reasons. One, they will love the idea of having an adventure together. Two, they will love even more that they can pick the time and place when they’re really in the mood for it.
  • A gift card to their favorite clothing store. When they look in their closet and realize they’re tired of their current options and it’s time to freshen things up, this will come in clutch.
  • Does the MG in your life love reading? Are they constantly buying new books so they can read about their latest obsession? Or maybe there’s a fiction author they cannot get enough of? If so, a gift card to their local bookstore is a no-brainer.
  • On that note, what is the Manifesting Generator in your life truly lit up by? Maybe it’s not reading; maybe it’s cooking. Maybe it’s knitting. Whatever it is, gift them something to support that passion. (If it’s cooking, how about a nice cutting board or some pretty dishware?)

… and there you have it! 10 can’t-go-wrong gift ideas for Manifesting Generators. Wishing you a beautiful holiday season!


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