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A Gift Guide for Human Design Projectors

Erin Claire Jones

2 minute read

Though it’s hard to believe, the holiday season is already upon us! So today, we wanted to share a few gift ideas for Projectors.

Whether you’re a Projector looking for ideas to add to your own wish-list, or there’s a Projector in your life you’re looking for the perfect gift for, we’ve got you covered.

Read on for 10 can’t-go-wrong gifts for Projectors:

  • Of course, we have to start this list with a Blueprint Guide. We’re biased, but we really do believe these guides make incredible gifts. Is there anything more thoughtful than giving someone the gift of deeply understanding themselves and finding more flow in their lives? We think not.
  • Next up, a Human Design Blueprint gift card. Just as thoughtful, but you won’t need anyone’s birth information to get one. Perfect stocking stuffer. Perfect to add to your own wish list. Cannot go wrong.
  • Fancy sheets. Not all sheets are created equal; Projectors know this. A fancy pair of sheets is one of those things you didn’t know you needed until you have them, and there’s no going back once you do.
  • A massage. Swedish is fine but deep tissue is really where it’s at. No, 90 minutes is not too long and yes, throw in the hot stones.
  • A cozy pajama set. The softer the better. Bonus points if you throw in a pair of cozy socks, too, for a cozy-from-head-to-toe situation.
  • A cozy sweatshirt & sweatpant set. For the cozy-from-head-to-toe situation mentioned above, but a version they can wear outside. Dreams really do come true.
  • An afternoon at the spa to themselves. Sauna? Facial? Robe? Alone time? Check, check, check, check.
  • A soft, luxurious blanket. Something extra special to curl up in for movie nights, for an afternoon of reading on the couch, for the perfect nap, etc.
  • A gift card to their local book store. Whether to dive in to a favorite new fiction book or to explore a topic they’re obsessed with learning about, this one is a no-brainer.
  • An online course. Chances are, there’s something the Projector in your life is obsessed with learning about. Find out what that thing is and help them go down the rabbit hole.

… and there you have it! 10 can’t-go-wrong gift ideas for Projectors. Wishing you a beautiful holiday season!


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