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Burnout for Manifestors in Human Design

Erin Claire Jones

2 minute read

One of the most powerful things human design sheds light on is the awareness of how to best use our energy to find more flow and ease in our lives. We so often get taken off track when we try to be something we’re not, rather than honoring who we uniquely are.

So today, I wanted to share some notes on what may cause burnout for Manifestors, helpful questions to reflect on, and affirmations that may be useful and empowering as you move forward.

Burnout comes from…

  • Forgetting to take breaks and rest when you need it.
  • Feeling the need to do all the doing in addition to the the initiating.
  • Not feeling empowered to be in your own flow. 
  • Choosing people-pleasing over authenticity.

It may be helpful to ask yourself…

  • Do you give yourself permission to work in spurts?
  • Do you trust your gift is in the initiating?
  • Do you hand things off when it’s time? Do you allow in support?
  • Do you feel empowered and in control of how you do things?

I am no longer available for…

  • Overworking because I believe I should be consistently productive. 
  • Trying to do it all myself.
  • Seeking approval or permission from others to pursue my ideas and show up as my most authentic self. 
  • Feeling constricted or confined by others.
  • Investing in people who try to tell me what to do and do not root for my freedom or give me space to be in my flow.
  • Making myself small and shrinking in my power to make others comfortable.

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