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Helpful Habits for Manifesting Generators in Human Design

Erin Claire Jones

2 minute read

Our type in human design sheds light on how we can best operate and use our energy. Today, I wanted to share a few habits to cultivate for Manifesting Generators to help you find more flow, ease and alignment in your life.

Helpful habits…

  • Resist the need to stick with a commitment just because you think you should. When your energy starts to dwindle, ask yourself: Is this still the right use of my energy?
  • Treat your own passion, joy and excitement as important — in work and life. Prioritize it each day.
  • Stop chasing after and trying to force things to happen. Instead, pay attention to what shows up in your world that lights you up (even if it’s not what you expected). Trust the right things are on their way to you.
  • Embrace your speed and capacity to make things happen powerfully without expecting others to move as fast or make things happen just like you. Trust everyone is meant to do things differently.
  • Only say yes to a commitment if you’re getting a full-bodied yes in your gut. Have the courage to say no.

It may also be useful to practice saying things that help you honor your type. This could look like saying…

  • “I am no longer available for this commitment. It’s time for me to move on and open up my energy for something new.”
  • “This opportunity doesn’t feel right in my gut, so I’m going to pass.”
  • “I’m feeling so lit up by this opportunity and I’m ready to jump all the way in. I don’t yet know where it’s taking me, but I’m a full-bodied yes, and that’s all I need to know.”
  • “I don’t expect you to move as fast or do as much as me. I honor that your gifts are different from mine.”
  • “I’m not getting a clear gut response. Can you try giving me options or asking me specific yes/no questions? Options help me drop into my gut feeling.”

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