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Helpful Habits for Reflectors in Human Design

Erin Claire Jones

2 minute read

Our type in human design sheds light on how we can best operate and use our energy. Today, I wanted to share a few habits to cultivate for each type to help you find more flow, ease and alignment in your life.

Helpful habits…

  • Spend time in spaces and around people that feel good to be in and around.
  • Check in each day: What feels like me today? Practice honoring where you are that day rather than expecting yourself to show up in the same way, day after day.
  • When a space stops feeling good (even if it once did), give yourself permission to go.
  • Take time alone and in nature regularly.
  • Rather than assume everything you feel is your own, take the time to step back and ask yourself: Is this really mine? Your gift is your objectivity.
  • Embrace your uniqueness. Play by rules that feel good to you, not ones that worked for others.

It may also be useful to practice saying things that help you honor your type. This could look like saying…

  • “This space doesn’t feel good in my body let’s go somewhere else. I’m sensitive to my space and I know I’ll have a better experience when the space feels right.”
  • “I’m not feeling up for that today. I know I was on fire yesterday, but my energy ebbs and flows and my job is to honor where I am, even when it changes. Today, it feels better to take some space and time alone to reset and recharge.”
  • “Thank you for the invitation and for seeing me. I’m going to take some time to feel into this opportunity to see if it’s right for me. I’ll let you know where I land.”
  • “It’s time for me to move on from this community and/or relationship. While it once felt right, it no longer does.”
  • “I am unique and different and I don’t expect my path to look like anyone else’s. I ask that you honor this too.”

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