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Pamela Anderson’s Human Design

Erin Claire Jones

4 minute read

With the new documentary Pamela, A Love Story out, we’ve received so many requests to share Pamela Anderson’s design.

Read on for an excerpt from her Blueprint Guide, insights on her design and her chart.


Pamela Anderson is a 6/2 Generator 

As a Generator, she has tremendous capacity to make things happen when she is lit up and excited by what she’s doing. 

She has a Trust your Gut (Sacral) authority

She is meant to make decisions in the moment based on her gut feeling. She has shared her life has been all about following her gut instincts.

She is magnetic and not meant to chase after things. The right opportunities are meant to come to her (like when she was discovered on a jumbotron at 19) and her work is to tune into her gut to know what she’s available for and what she’s not.

She has a 6 in her Profile

With a 6 in her profile, she is in the third phase of her life (50+), which is all about settling into her authenticity and vulnerability in a new way. This is meant to be a time in her life when she inspires others by just being herself fully.

The first phase (under 30 years old) was meant to be a time to experiment, make mistakes and try it all, not necessarily a time to make huge commitments.

She recently shared, “It’s fun getting old. It’s a relief. And at a certain age we just look younger and fresher without make up. This is me — I’m happy with who I am right now. It’s a new world.”

People have reflected that this new chapter in her life is marked by “her vulnerability, her soulfulness.” Her friend, Luke Gilford, wrote in 2016, “And now, at almost 50, she’s ready to be reinvented. To show more truth.” Lisa Nishimura wrote, “The world has tried to create almost like a caricature of who she is. But there’s a depth to this woman and a definite intelligence that she’s ready to really own and to show the world.”

This is a beautiful reminder for all 6s that it’s just meant to keep getting better; there’s such a gift and wisdom that comes with age.

She has a 2 in her Profile

With a 2 in her profile, she carries a natural genius and way of doing things that is totally unique to her; her gifts are meant to be called out by those around her, even if she can’t always see them herself.

It’s so important for those with a 2 to have space to hermit and be in their own flow. She shared recently about her own flow, “it’s been every day writing and reading and just thinking about the things that make me happy.”

She has the gift of Nurturing (27-50 channel)

She has a gift for inspiring trust in others and taking good care of those around her. One of her biggest lessons is to not sacrifice her own wellbeing in the process and to know that taking good care of herself gives her the energy to take good care of others sustainably. 

She has identified as an environmentalist since she was young and shares her love for taking good care of animals and of the planet.

She has an undefined identity center 

She is deeply sensitive to her surroundings and can often take in and amplify the energy of the spaces and people around her. Because of this, it’s so important for her to spend time in spaces that feel nourishing and uplifting and to walk away from the spaces that don’t feel right. 

She is also meant to be fluid and vast in her identity; she is not meant to be just one thing. 

She has an open emotional center

She is deeply empathic and sensitive to the feelings around her. 

She carries a natural depth and the right people and opportunities will pull that depth out of her. And she has a natural influence; she may just find people want to know how she does things.

…And that is just the beginning 💫



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