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Signs It’s Wrong For You As a Generator in Human Design

Erin Claire Jones

2 minute read

There is so much to our human design that can help us know when to walk away from a relationship, job, or experience, and when to stay.

Today, I wanted to share a few notes on what it may look like to be in a situation that is no longer right for you, as well as things to leave behind, as a Generator.

Signs it may be time to walk away…

  • You feel consistently frustrated and burnt out.
  • You’re using your energy in a way that depletes and drains you rather than lights up and excites you; your excitement is not prioritized.
  • You’re staying in something just because you think you should when your gut instinct is giving you a clear signal it’s no longer for you.
  • You wake up exhausted and go to bed depleted, knowing you’re not accessing the creativity, power and vitality that is your birthright.
  • You do not feel supported in trusting and following your gut feeling.

It’s time to leave behind…

  • Saying yes to commitments that don’t feel like a full-bodied yes in your gut.
  • Trying to explain and justify the knowing in your gut to others.
  • Prioritizing others’ needs and desires over your own joy, satisfaction and excitement.
  • Initiating and chasing after opportunities before your gut confirms it’s the right time to make something happen.
  • Doing what you think you should do rather than trusting what your gut is pulling you towards and following what feels right.
  • Feeling depleted, exhausted and often frustrated.

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