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Signs of Growth for Generators in Human Design

Erin Claire Jones

2 minute read

Aligning with our human design is a lifelong journey and a daily practice.

As you continue the daily practice of aligning more and more closely to your design, I wanted to share signs of growth for Generators that may be useful to recognize. 

Signs of growth…

  • You no longer say yes to things that do not feel like a full-bodied yes in your gut. You have the courage to say no.
  • You no longer treat your own satisfaction as secondary and you choose to prioritize your joy daily, in work and beyond.
  • Aligned opportunities and people are showing up in your world.
  • You no longer feel the need to explain or justify your gut feeling. Something feeling right or not is enough reason to say yes or no. 
  • You trust your magnetism and you no longer try to force ideas into existence before your gut confirms it’s the right timing to do so.
  • You see your energy as precious, powerful, and valuable.

As you continue growing, evolving and integrating your design as a Generator, remember to choose commitments that feel personally satisfying and fulfilling over ones driven purely by obligation, to be guided by your gut instead of your mind, to choose relationships that energize and fulfill you, to trust that all the perfect things are on their way to you and that there’s no need to force, to opt for strong boundaries over people pleasing, and to trust your gut knowing rather than looking to others to know what’s best for you.


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