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Your Superpowers As a Projector in Human Design

Erin Claire Jones

1 minute read

If there’s anything human design has taught me, it’s that we all need each other because we each bring such different gifts to the table. Today, I want to share some of your unique superpowers as a Projector.

Your superpowers…

  • Your ability to see into people deeply and make them feel recognized and known.
  • Asking people the right questions and in doing so, helping them drop into their truth.
  • Your sensitivity to others and your innate wisdom about people.
  • Your ability to lead, teach, and guide others.
  • Your ability to offer a perspective that can be transformative, helping others evolve and do better in their work and lives.
  • Showing the world a new way of success – one that is about how powerfully you see, not how much you do, and one that is full of ease and support, not hustle and burnout.

To help harness your unique superpowers, it may be useful to…

Release any tendency to ignore your body when it’s calling for you to rest and slow down. Honor rest as your most sacred tool, and trust that you’ll be more effective, creative and successful when you honor the natural ebbs and flows of your energy rather than resist it.