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Your Superpowers As a Reflector in Human Design

Erin Claire Jones

1 minute read

If there’s anything human design has taught me, it’s that we all need each other because we each bring such different gifts to the table. Today, I want to share some of your unique superpowers as a Reflector.

Your superpowers…

  • Your ability to see what’s not working around you and how things can be improved.
  • Your wise and invaluable insights.
  • Your unique attunement to what’s happening in the people, spaces, and world around you and your ability to see, sense, and feel what others miss.
  • Your innate wisdom and objectivity.
  • Your ability to express yourself in a multitude of ways rather than just one.
  • Your ability to remind us all that we are each unique and meant to do things differently.

To help harness your unique superpowers, it may be useful to…

Release any need to show up in just one way or to figure out the one thing you are. Your gift is your ability to express and show up in many different ways; new spaces, people and situations will pull out new parts of you. Trust you’ll experience more magic and flow in your life when you honor your fluidity rather than resist it — the question to ask yourself isn’t “who am I”, but “what feels like me today?”


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