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5 Signs of Growth Based On Your Profile in Human Design

Erin Claire Jones

5 minute read

Our profile in human design is made up of 2 numbers and speaks to how we’re uniquely wired to manifest our purpose. (If you don’t yet know yours, you can look it up in your chart!) Pay attention to the two numbers that make up your profile – for example, if you’re a 3/5, both the 3 and 5 are for you.

Here’s to leaning into the unique gifts that make each of us who we are, and appreciating the gifts of those around us.

Here’s a quick summary of each profile line:

Those with a 1 in their profile are gifted at going deep, investigating and becoming a true expert and authority we can all rely on and trust.

Those with a 2 in their profile are gifted at bringing an innate talent to whatever they do and letting their natural gifts guide them.

Those with a 3 in their profile are gifted at learning by doing, cultivating wisdom through mistakes and failure and showing us all how we can do better.

Those with a 4 in their profile teach us the value of relationships, bring a warmth to whatever they do and deeply impact and influence those that surround them.

Those with a 5 in their profile are gifted at seeing things differently, offering a new and needed perspective and inspiring many.

Those with a 6 in their profile are gifted at taking the higher view, inspiring trust in people and modeling authenticity.

5 Signs You’re Growing with a 1 in your Profile

  1. You embrace your inquisitive, curious, and investigative nature. 
  2. You have taken the time to build a solid foundation of knowledge in what you love, and people are drawn to learning from you; your expertise is valued.
  3. You prioritize time alone to investigate and dive deep into what you’re most curious about. 
  4. You feel empowered and secure when you share because you’ve taken the time to dive deep and feel you know what you’re talking about. 
  5. You allow your curiosity to guide you, trusting the things you want to learn all the details about are worth prioritizing and will always point you in the right direction.

5 Signs You’re Growing with a 2 in your Profile

  1. You are leaning into the things that come easily and naturally to you, seeing them as your greatest gifts.
  2. You have released the need to be able to explain how you do what you do – you trust you bring an innate genius to what you do in ways you can’t always explain. 
  3. You take time alone when you need to hermit, be in your own flow, and cultivate your natural gifts.
  4. You are surrounded by people that recognize your innate gifts and call you out to share them, and who honor your need for solitude.
  5. You feel a sense of ease, flow, recognition, and success in your life.

5 Signs You’re Growing with a 3 in your Profile

  1. You embrace your trial and error process and give yourself permission to make mistakes and fail; you trust that learning what doesn’t work will bring you closer to what does work.
  2. You don’t make yourself wrong when something doesn’t go perfectly; instead, you ask yourself what you learned and how you can do better next time. You let mistakes fuel your growth.
  3. You do not underestimate the value of your journey and you see the lessons you learned along the way – failures, successes, and all – as wisdom that can transform those around you.
  4. You are actively sharing your journey and experiential wisdom with the world through talks, posts, books and beyond. 
  5. You are a pioneer, always innovating and finding a new, better way of doing things.

5 Signs You’re Growing with a 4 in your Profile

  1. You are surrounded by people that feel uplifting, nourishing, and expansive for you.
  2. You are actively cultivating your community, seeing your community as a powerful well of opportunity for you in romance, business, and beyond. 
  3. You have a strong foundation of friendship and connection with those you work and are intimate with.
  4. You share with your community what you’re up to and working on, allowing them to create the most aligned opportunities for you.
  5. You pull away and take time to yourself when you need it, e.g., when you begin to feel people fatigue.

5 Signs You’re Growing with a 5 in your Profile

  1. You are working on offering innovative, practical solutions to problems you feel genuinely excited to solve. 
  2. You only say yes to relationships and opportunities that make you feel like you and not just because someone else sees something in you.
  3. The people close to you give you space to be all that you are and you do not feel limited or put on a pedestal by them.
  4. You are super clear in your communication with others and always lay out clear expectations, leaving no space for unrealistic expectations to form. 
  5. You are having an impact and influence on many with your practical, often unconventional ways of seeing the world.

5 Signs You’re Growing with a 6 in your Profile

  1. You are seen as a role model and others are coming to you for your powerful perspective and embodied wisdom. 
  2. You honor the phase you’re in, whether you’re in the messiness of experimentation and learning or in the process of pulling back and taking the higher view. 
  3. You regularly take time to step back and observe, knowing your gift is rising above it all and offering an objective, optimistic perspective. 
  4. You feel optimistic, not pessimistic, and see possibility in people. 
  5. You are inspiring others to be their most authentic selves by living your own authenticity so fully.

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