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10 Things To Trust As A Manifestor in Human Design

Erin Claire Jones

2 minute read

Living in alignment with our design is a practice and an ongoing, ever-evolving process. So often, we’ve spent our lives trying to be everything we’re not instead of leaning into who we authentically are, and it can take practice to begin to do so.

So today, I wanted to share 10 things to trust as a Manifestor as a helpful list to return to. By embracing what makes you uniquely you, you may start to find more ease and flow in your life, career, relationships and more.

10 things to trust…

  1. Trust that you are here to lead, not to follow. You’re here to pave a path of your own, rather than do things how others have done them. 
  2. Trust that you are impacting those around you with every move you make. Be authentic, bold, and fully expressed, so you can have the powerful impact you’re meant to. Recognize and step into your innate power.
  3. Trust the urges that arise within you and allow them to guide your actions, rather than look for confirmation and permission from those around you.
  4. Trust that you are not here to do it all alone. Your gift is initiating a new idea, project, or movement; honor when it’s time to hand something off and allow in support.
  5. Trust that the right relationships for you will inspire you to be your biggest, boldest, and most courageous self, and will remind you of your inherent power and impact.
  6. Trust that you thrive when you have freedom to bring new ideas and inspirations to life, and the support to hand things off when it’s time. 
  7. Trust that you see things before others do and are here to show the world a new way of doing things.
  8. Trust that you thrive when you have the space to pull away, be alone, and reset whenever you need. 
  9. Trust that you thrive when you have the freedom, autonomy, and control to do things how you want to do them and when you want to do them. 
  10. Trust that you thrive when you prioritize strong, intentional communication with those close to you (e.g., keeping each other in the loop with your decisions). 

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