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10 Things to Trust as a Projector in Human Design

Erin Claire Jones

2 minute read

Living in alignment with our design is a practice and an ongoing, ever-evolving process. So often, we’ve spent our lives trying to be everything we’re not instead of leaning into who we authentically are, and it can take practice to begin to do so.

So today, I wanted to share 10 things to trust as a Projector as a helpful list to return to. By embracing what makes you uniquely you, you may start to find more ease and flow in your life, career, relationships and more.

10 things to trust…

  1. Trust that waiting for an invitation from others is a tool to protect your energy and ensure you’re sharing your powerful perspective and energy with those who are ready for it.
  2. Trust that taking rest when you need it and honoring the natural ebbs and flows of your energy will only make you better, and more successful, at what you do.
  3. Trust that putting yourself out there and sharing yourself authentically with the world, even when it’s scary, will allow people to see you and magnetize the right invitations to you. 
  4. Trust that your path will look different than those around you. You are meant to find success not by doing more and pushing yourself beyond your capacity, but by valuing your unique gifts, allowing in support and walking a path of ease.
  5. Trust that the right relationships will make you feel treasured, seen, and valued.
  6. Trust that you thrive when your days feel spacious and easeful.
  7. Trust that when you value your gifts, invitations and recognition are meant to flow to you from the most aligned opportunities and people. 
  8. Trust that you are not meant to do it all alone. You are meant to have the right allies and support around you, that empower you to do what you’re best at. 
  9. Trust that you are here to be successful and find success that is sustainable rather than success that burns you out.
  10. Trust that you are not meant to force, push or chase after opportunities.

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