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A To-Do List for Each Type in Human Design

Erin Claire Jones

3 minute read

I’ve found that the more I’ve stepped into who I am as a Projector, the more ease and flow I’ve cultivated in every area of my life. So often, we’ve spent so much of our lives living in opposition to who we really are, so today I wanted to share a to-do list for each human design type to help you find more alignment in your life on a daily basis.


  • Carve out time to rest, nourish yourself and be alone without trying to accomplish a thing.
  • Dive deep into learning and mastering something you love.
  • Take inventory of where you feel the most seen, and where you feel unrecognized and find yourself seeking recognition.
  • Get into bed before you’re tired and give yourself time to release all the energy from the day and ease into rest.
  • Consider one way you can put yourself out there and make yourself and your work visible, even when it feels scary and uncomfortable.
  • Spend one-on-one quality time with someone who makes you feel treasured, cherished and known.

Manifesting Generators

  • Open your awareness and reflect on what’s been showing up in your world that feels expansive in your gut.
  • Pursue what lights you up wholeheartedly without needing to know where it’s going to take you.
  • Release one thing that has been consistently depleting you.
  • Spend time with people that uplift you and are in love with and expanded by your powerful, passionate nature.
  • Carve out time to make things happen at your own pace and in your own flow, without trying to accommodate others.
  • Reflect on where you’ve been trying to fit into a box, and where you’ve been embracing your multi-hyphenate nature and the idea that no box could possibly encompass all that you are.


  • Spend time in your favorite spaces around people whose energy you simply love to be around.
  • Ask yourself at the top of each day: what feels most like me today? And then do that thing.
  • Give yourself permission to pull away from others and be in your own energy whenever you desire to reconnect with yourself.
  • Take the time to share what you see with the people who are asking for and treasure your perspective.
  • Take inventory of the spaces and commitments you’re keeping your energy in, and notice which ones feel authentic to where you are and which ones no longer do.
  • Go on an adventure and open yourself to magic and surprises.


  • Release one thing that has been consistently depleting you and no longer feels like the right use of your energy.
  • Carve out space to do something that brings you joy and that you’ve been feeling drawn to.
  • Say no to something that doesn’t feel right and release the need to justify why it’s a no.
  • Take inventory of who and what in your life feels deeply satisfying, and who and what is depleting and frustrating you.
  • Pursue something that feels exciting and satisfying without needing to know where it’s going to take you.
  • Spend time with people who bring you joy and leave you feeling deeply fulfilled.


  • Take action on an urge that arises within you big or small without needing to know where it’s taking you.
  • Reflect on who will be impacted by your decisions and give them a heads up before you fly.
  • Take inventory of where in your life you’re trying to fit in and shrink from your power, and where you’re stepping boldly into your power and authenticity.
  • Spend time with people who embolden you and remind you just how powerful you are.
  • Take time to rest and be in your own energy, without feeling guilty or needing to explain why to others.
  • Consider where you can build more freedom into your life.

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