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Burnout for Generators in Human Design

Erin Claire Jones

2 minute read

One of the most powerful things human design sheds light on is the awareness of how to best use our energy to find more flow and ease in our lives. We so often get taken off track when we try to be something we’re not, rather than honoring who we uniquely are.

So today, I wanted to share some notes on what may cause burnout for Generators, helpful questions to reflect on, and affirmations that may be useful and empowering as you move forward.

Burnout for Generators comes from…

  • Initiating rather than trusting things to come to you.
  • Overcommitting and saying yes just because you think you should. 
  • Using up your energy in ways that don’t feel exciting and don’t light you up.
  • Not trusting your gut to make decisions.

It may be helpful to ask yourself…

  • Do you feel connected to your gut and do you use it to make decisions?
  • Are you using your energy each day in ways that feel good?
  • Are you letting go of work and relationships that are a drain on your energy?
  • Are you allowing things to come to you?

I am no longer available for…

  • Saying yes to commitments even when my gut is telling me they are not right for me.
  • Prioritizing others’ expectations and desires for me above my own satisfaction and excitement. 
  • Trying to explain or justify my gut feelings to others.
  • Seeing following my joy as selfish rather than the best thing I can do for everyone.
  • Keeping my energy in relationships and opportunities that consistently frustrate and deplete me.
  • Undervaluing how powerful my energy is.

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