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Daily Affirmations for Each Human Design Type

Erin Claire Jones

5 minute read

When I first discovered human design in 2015, I was living the opposite of my Projector design. It’s been by aligning more and more with my design over time that I’ve found the most ease and success in my life, relationships, work and beyond.

So today, I wanted to share some daily affirmations for each human design type to help you continue to align with your design and find more flow in your life.


  • I allow ease, rest, and spaciousness into my days, trusting it only makes me better at what I do. 
  • My guidance and energy are precious. I honor that by investing my energy in the people and spaces who make me feel seen, treasured, and appreciated. 
  • I share myself authentically with the world and allow myself to be seen, even when it’s scary.
  • I trust me being me magnetizes the perfect people to me. 
  • Just because I see something doesn’t mean someone is ready to hear it. I guard my knowings until the time is right to share. 
  • I stand tall in my worth and own my value.
  • I trust I’m here to model a new way of success, one that is born from how powerfully and clearly I see, not from how much I do. 
  • I feel relaxed, seen, treasured, and successful.

Manifesting Generators 

  • My joy and satisfaction deserve to be prioritized.
  • I am magnetic. The right opportunities for me are the ones that show up in my world that light me up. 
  • I release commitments I no longer have the energy for.
  • I trust that letting go of what I no longer have the energy for creates space for the next perfect thing to come in. 
  • I allow what lights me up to guide the way, even when I can’t see beyond the next step and those around me don’t yet get it. 
  • I drop out of my head and into my gut to make the right decisions for me. I trust my gut to know what I have the energy for and when. 
  • I step fully into my passion, creativity, and power, and I trust the right people are expanded by my power rather than threatened by it. 


  • I invest in people that uplift me and spaces that nourish me. 
  • I move on from spaces that no longer feel right and I trust that being in the right space means I’m on the perfect path for me.
  • My perspective is invaluable and I invest my energy in the people and spaces who treasure it and invite me in to share it.
  • My identity is vast and I stay present to whatever part of me wants to be expressed in each moment, knowing it’s all me.
  • I make decisions and move at a pace that works for me, even when it looks different than those around me.
  • I make commitments from a clear, calm knowing within me, never from pressure. 
  • I know not everything I feel is my own, and I choose to not get lost in what’s not mine.
  • I prioritize space and time alone to let go of what’s not mine and reconnect to what is.


  • My joy, satisfaction, and excitement deserve to be prioritized. 
  • I am magnetic. The right opportunities for me are the ones that show up in my world that light me up. 
  • My gut is my greatest guide and knows more than I can ever conceive with my mind. 
  • I choose to trust my gut feeling, even when it’s scary and I can’t see beyond the next right step.
  • “It feels right” is enough reason to say yes. “It doesn’t feel right” is enough reason to say no. 
  • My boundaries are strong.
  • I honor how precious my energy is by having the courage to say no when something doesn’t feel right and yes only to what feels right in my gut.
  • I follow what lights me up.


  • I am a visionary and innovator, here to show the world a new and better way of doing things. 
  • The right opportunities for me are the ones I make happen, where I trust myself to initiate and make the first move. 
  • I trust the ideas and inspirations that arise within me and allow them to guide my actions, even when it’s something I’ve never seen done before. 
  • I am bold, big, and impactful, and I am not for everyone. 
  • Being courageously myself allows me to impact the right people, and push away those who are not for me.
  • I am surrounded by people that remind me of my impact and power, not those who try to temper or control it. 
  • I feel free and peaceful.

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