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Daily Affirmations for Generators in Human Design

Erin Claire Jones

2 minute read

When I first discovered human design in 2015, I was living the opposite of my Projector design. It’s been by aligning more and more with my design over time that I’ve found the most ease and success in my life, relationships, work and beyond.

In my own experience, I’ve found that affirmations can be such useful reminders to help us stay on track. So today, I wanted to share some daily affirmations to help you continue to align with your design as a Generator each day and find more flow in your life.

Daily Affirmations

  • My joy, satisfaction, and excitement deserve to be prioritized. 
  • I am magnetic. The right opportunities for me are the ones that show up in my world that light me up. 
  • My gut is my greatest guide and knows more than I can ever conceive with my mind. 
  • I choose to trust my gut feeling, even when it’s scary and I can’t see beyond the next right step.
  • “It feels right” is enough reason to say yes. “It doesn’t feel right” is enough reason to say no. 
  • My boundaries are strong.
  • I honor how precious my energy is by having the courage to say no when something doesn’t feel right and yes only to what feels right in my gut.
  • I follow what lights me up.

And remember: saying yes to things that are not a full-bodied yes in your gut is a fast track to burnout. Take good care of your energy by cultivating strong boundaries and by saying yes only to what feels right and lights you up from the inside out.


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