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Dream Career for Generators in Human Design

Erin Claire Jones

2 minute read

Our type in human design sheds light on how we are each uniquely meant to operate and use our energy. Learning your type can be so particularly useful in career, because it is an area where many people feel misaligned and off-track. Honoring how you are meant to operate and best use your energy in your career is a beautiful way to find more flow, ease and success.

Today, I wanted to share some notes on what a dream career might look like for you as a Generator, as well as a few reflection questions to help you find alignment in your career as you move forward.

A dream career…

  • One that you wake up excited to invest your energy in.
  • One where the problems that arise feel worth your energy and worth solving.
  • One that leaves you feeling deeply satisfied and fulfilled at the end of the day.
  • One where you feel your precious energy is honored and valued, not taken advantage of.
  • One where your gut feeling is respected.
  • One you landed in not because you thought you were supposed to, but simply because it felt right.
  • One where your clients and collaborators bring you joy and respect your boundaries.

Reflection questions to ask yourself…

Are you investing your energy in what’s bringing you joy? Remember that your powerful energy is precious, and it’s important to be discerning about where you invest it. Let go of what you think you should do and ask yourself if you are truly lit up and excited by something. Allow that to guide you.

What is your gut pulling you towards? Remember that unless you’re getting a full-bodied yes from your gut, it’s a no or a not yet. Connect to your gut and trust it will guide you to the perfect people and opportunities.


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