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Dream Career for Manifestors in Human Design

Erin Claire Jones

2 minute read

Our type in human design sheds light on how we are each uniquely meant to operate and use our energy. Learning your type can be so particularly useful in career, because it is an area where many people feel misaligned and off-track. Honoring how you are meant to operate and best use your energy in your career is a beautiful way to find more flow, ease and success.

Today, I wanted to share some notes on what a dream career might look like for you as a Manifestor, as well as a few reflection questions to help you find alignment in your career as you move forward.

A dream career…

  • One rooted in freedom.
  • One where you feel inspired to disrupt the way things have been done.
  • One where you’re doing things differently.
  • One where you’re not expected to be constantly available, but can honor what you have the energy for and when.
  • One where your need for time alone is honored.
  • One where you feel deeply supported by others in your visions.
  • One where you’re not expected to follow a traditional path or do things in a way anyone else has done.
  • One that is a pure expression of your power and authenticity.

Reflection questions to ask yourself…

Where do you feel the most free? Remember that you thrive when you feel free and in control. In order for you to have the impact you’re meant to, you need to feel free to set your own terms for how and when you do things.

Are you allowing in support? Remember that you’re here to initiate, but not to do all the doing yourself. Give yourself permission to delegate and hand off things when it’s time.

What do you feel inspired and on fire to make happen? The right opportunities for you are the ones you feel inspired to initiate and make happen.


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