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Dream Relationships for Each Type in Human Design

Erin Claire Jones

3 minute read

Human design can be such a useful tool to help us find more ease and alignment in our lives, and especially in our relationships. The more we honor who we uniquely are, the more flow we can find in our relationships with others, and the more authentically we can show up in those relationships.

So today, I wanted to share what a dream relationship may look like for each human design type.


  • One where you have space to do what you love when you want to do it.
  • One where you having the freedom to pursue what brings you joy is a top priority.
  • One where you’re asked good questions about your passions and you feel inspired to share about them.
  • One that honors your boundaries and doesn’t take advantage of your precious energy.
  • One that reminds you to drop out of your mind into the knowing of your gut (and doesn’t ask you to explain your gut knowing).
  • One that reminds you what deep satisfaction and fulfillment can feel like in a relationship.

So ask yourself: Which relationships bring you deep satisfaction and fulfillment? Who do you love talking about and doing things you love with?


  • One that feels expansive.
  • One that makes you feel free and powerful rather than small or constricted.
  • One that encourages you to pursue your biggest dreams, even the ones that feel terrifying.
  • One that doesn’t expect consistent energy from you.
  • One that honors your natural capacity to lead while also stepping up to lead in all the times you need them to.
  • One that fills you with peace.
  • One that treats your need for time alone as sacred and doesn’t take it personally or make you wrong for it.
  • One who doesn’t try to control, guide or sway you.
  • One who knows what a gift it is to be provoked and transformed by you.

So ask yourself: Who brings you the most peace? Who inspires you to be bolder, bigger and more free?


  • One that reminds you what it feels like to be truly seen, in the deepest of ways.
  • One who treats your perspective as gold and creates space for you to share your insights.
  • One who treats your need for time alone as sacred and necessary.
  • One who handles things when they notice you need to recharge.
  • One who reminds you the more you honor the natural ebbs and flows of your energy, the more successful you’ll be.
  • One who doesn’t expect you to operate like them and is curious about how you operate best.
  • One that makes you feel successful and deeply aligned.

So ask yourself: Where do you feel invited to be your fullest self? Who makes you feel deeply seen? Who honors how you operate best?


  • One that feels perfect for you right now.
  • One where you aren’t expected to operate on any timeline beyond the one that feels right for you.
  • One where you feel free to express however feels authentic and right for you in the moment.
  • One that doesn’t take your need for time alone personally, but treats it as sacred.
  • One that is always attuned to how a space makes you feel and prioritizes you feeling good wherever you are.
  • One who is in awe of what a gift it is to be around you and access how you see the world.
  • One that leaves you beautifully surprised.

So ask yourself: Who feels the best to be around? Who makes you feel treasured and cherished?

Manifesting Generators

  • One that inspires you to pursue the things that have been lighting you up from the inside out.
  • One that doesn’t make you explain why or how you do things, but is just captivated by and in love with your superhuman nature.
  • One who honors your way of doing things, but doesn’t try to be the same.
  • One who gives you space to make things happen in your own flow.
  • One who doesn’t make you wrong for shifting direction or changing your mind.
  • One that knows when you follow your gut, it’s the right decision for everyone.
  • One that reminds you what deep satisfaction and fulfillment can feel like.

So ask yourself: Which relationships bring you deep satisfaction and fulfillment? Who honors what works best for you?


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