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Entrepreneurship Tips for Reflectors in Human Design

Erin Claire Jones

2 minute read

I believe any human design type can do anything – human design is not meant to limit us, rather it helps shed light on how to best use our energy. So today, I wanted to share some notes on entrepreneurship for Reflectors.

Come back to this post whenever you need a reminder to do things in the way that will work best for you, no matter how different that may look from how other people are doing it.

Entrepreneurship for Reflectors

  • Honor the ebb and flow of your energy; you may be on fire one week and need rest the next.
  • Plant yourself in spaces that feel good – the right city, office, and home – and trust that doing so will attract the most aligned people and opportunities to you.
  • Release the need to do all the doing yourself and bring on support; partner or collaborate when you can, honoring that your gift is in your perspective and not in how much you can do.
  • Release the pressure to build your business or operate in the way those around you are doing it – trust that you’re meant to do it differently.
  • Slow down and take your time with the big decisions, even if those around you are moving at a different pace. 

And remember, a dream day for you looks like:

  • Expressing whatever feels correct today, even if it’s different from what felt correct yesterday.
  • Feeling surprised by and surrendered to life’s magical flow.
  • Building in time alone or in nature to reconnect to what’s yours and release what’s not.
  • Feeling like your perspective is deeply recognized and invited in by people who uplift and expand you.
  • Having plenty of time to unwind at the end of the day and ease into sleep.

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