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Helpful Habits for Projectors in Human Design

Erin Claire Jones

2 minute read

Our type in human design sheds light on how we can best operate and use our energy. Today, I wanted to share a few habits to cultivate for Projectors to help you find more flow, ease and alignment in your life.

Helpful habits…

  • Courageously share yourself and your work with the world, even when it feels scary.
  • Balance energetic output with time for yourself, e.g., time to rest and nourish yourself with information you love.
  • Invest your energy in the people who make you feel deeply, seen and known, the ones who are curious and ask for your perspective.
  • Build breaks and space into your days and give yourself permission (often) to rest and be deliberately unproductive.
  • Share what you see with people who invite in and ask for your perspective. Just because you see something doesn’t mean someone is ready to hear it. Don’t waste your energy on those who aren’t ready; the invitation will let you know who is ready for your powerful perspective and when.

It may also be useful to practice saying things that help you honor your type. This could look like saying…

  • “I’m going to take some time by myself to rest. I’ll let you know when I’m ready to connect.”
  • “I’d love to find a way to collaborate that allows me to honor my energy. I’m at my best when I can take space and time alone when I need and when I feel free to honor the natural ebbs and flows of my energy. Know that was has worked for you may not work for me.”
  • “I need support. Can you help me with this?”
  • “It’s important for me to feel seen in my relationships and I don’t feel seen by you. It’s either time for me to walk away or something needs to shift in our dynamic. My energy is precious and I honor that by investing it in those who see me and value me.”
  • “I have an insight I’d love to share. Are you open to hearing it? My energy is powerful and intense, and I know I’m not for everyone.”

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