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How to Use Your Generator Strategy in Your Career

Erin Claire Jones

2 minute read

Each type has a strategy in human design, which reveals how we’re each meant to create opportunities for ourselves. The strategy for Generators is to wait to be respond.

There is often a lot of misunderstanding around the strategy piece of human design, so I wanted to share a few tips for honoring your Generator strategy in your career.

Using your strategy in your career…

  • Create space to prioritize your joy and do what lights you up this will make you magnetic to aligned opportunities.
  • Open up your awareness and begin to pay attention to what shows up in your world, like a podcast, client, job posting, etc.
  • When your gut lights up in response to something that shows up in your world, tune into your authority to ensure it’s correct.
  • If it feels right, pursue that thing.
  • Release the need to know where it’s all going; know your only job is to follow your gut and make the right next step.
  • Remember, you’re meant to do business and build your career in the way that feels good, not in the way you think you should.

Remember that forcing or chasing after opportunities will only lead to more resistance. Keep your awareness open to see what shows up in your world, because what you naturally respond to is where you should go. While you’re waiting for something to spark a gut response, it’s the perfect time to prioritize your joy and excitement; doing so will magnetize the most aligned opportunities and people your way.


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