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How to Use Your Manifestor Strategy in Your Career

Erin Claire Jones

2 minute read

Each type has a strategy in human design, which reveals how we’re each meant to create opportunities for ourselves. The strategy for Manifestors is to initiate and inform.

There is often a lot of misunderstanding around the strategy piece of human design, so I wanted to share a few tips for honoring your Manifestor strategy in your career.

Using your strategy in your career…

  • Take time to rest and reset when your body calls for it your energy ebbs and flows and you may find new ideas come to you in the restful periods.
  • When an inspiration or urge arises within you, run it through your authority to confirm it’s right.
  • Once you feel it’s right, move into action and follow that urge.
  • Release the need to know where the urge is taking you; trust the fact that it came to you is enough reason to follow it.
  • Consider who will be impacted by the decision and give them a heads up before you fly.
  • When the time calls for it, give yourself permission to hand off responsibilities you no longer have the energy for, freeing yourself up for the next thing to initiate.

Remember, trust the urges that arise within you and allow them to guide your actions rather than looking for confirmation or permission from those around you. You’re here to lead, not to follow, and to pave a path of your own. Know that being bold in your actions is what will attract the right people and the right support to you. And as you initiate and take action on the urges you feel, remember to keep the people around you in the loop. It may feel unnatural, but keeping others informed is meant to create more ease and flow in your relationships and life.


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