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How to Use Your Projector Strategy in Your Career

Erin Claire Jones

2 minute read

Each type has a strategy in human design, which reveals how we’re each meant to create opportunities for ourselves. The strategy for Projectors is to wait to be invited.

There is often a lot of misunderstanding around the strategy piece of human design, so today, I wanted to share a few tips for honoring your Projector strategy in your career.

Using your strategy in your career…

  • Take the time to cultivate mastery and dive deep into your craft; the more you’ve mastered your craft, the more others will sense you have something to share from there, the invitations will begin to flow.
  • Recognize how valuable and needed your gifts are.
  • Courageously make yourself visible and share your offerings with the world online, in community or with friends. Make it your job to let the world know you exist.
  • Let the right people resonate with and come to you.
  • Stand tall in your worth and value when people come.
  • When an invitation comes, check in to make sure you feel authentically recognized.
  • Invest your energy in the clients and collaborators who make you feel deeply seen, recognized and treasured for your gifts and for your perspective.

Remember that your magic and energy are unlocked when you feel deeply seen, recognized and invited in; waiting to be invited is a tool to best protect your energy and an opportunity to save your gifts for those who are truly ready to receive them. Before you’re invited, it’s the perfect time to master your craft, recognize your value, and make yourself and your work visible (even when it’s scary.)


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