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Myths about Each Human Design Type

Erin Claire Jones

4 minute read

A podcast host I was recording with recently asked me to break down some misunderstandings around what it means to wait for an invitation as a Projector. She shared that many of her Projector clients felt like they must wait for an invitation for everything (this is not true!) and felt held back because of it.

As awareness of human design grows, so too do the misunderstandings. So today, I want to share a few myths about each type. Remember, human design is never meant to limit us or tell us what we can’t do, rather it sheds light on how we can do things in the most aligned way for us.

Let’s dive into Generators first

Myth #1: Generators are only meant to build other people’s dreams

Not true! Whether it’s building your own idea or someone else’s, Generators thrive when they do work that is personally meaningful and creatively satisfying. They are gifted with the energy to bring ideas to life — it’s up to them (and really, their gut response) to choose where to invest their powerful, precious energy.

Myth #2: Generators are meant to be doing all the time and always have energy

Also, not true. Generators need rest; we all do. However, Generators may find the most satisfying rest comes when they’ve fully used up their energy throughout the day doing things they love.

Myth #3: Generators cannot pursue and make things happen

The key for Generators is to wait for something to light up their gut before they go after it. As soon as their gut gives them the go-ahead, they can move into action and be an absolute powerhouse in pursuing something and making it happen.

Let’s dive into Projectors next

Myth #1: Projectors don’t have energy or are lazy

Absolutely not! As a Projector, I can attest that we absolutely have energy. It just ebbs and flows. The more we leverage the energy when it’s there and take rest when we need it, the more impactful, creative and successful we will become. Burnout happens most easily when we try to be consistent doers.

Myth #2: Projectors need an invitation for everything

The invitation is the most important for us Projectors when it comes to sharing our gifts with the world or when collaborating, working, dating or living with others. We don’t need an invitation to study a new system, move to a new city, or create something we’re excited about.

Myth #3: Waiting for an invitation is meant to be passive

Also not true. We can’t be invited if no one knows we exist. We attract more invitations our way when we cultivate our gifts, recognize our value, and make ourselves visible, letting the world know we exist and have powerful gifts to share.

How about Manifestors?

Myth #1: Manifestors are meant to go at it alone

While Manifestors often love independence, especially at the beginning stages of bringing something to life, they need support (we all do.) Letting people know what they’re up to is a powerful way to make themselves available for the right support.

Myth #2: Manifestors can only work for themselves

Not necessarily. What’s most important for Manifestors is that they feel a sense of freedom, autonomy and control in their work, whether that comes through working for themselves or for others.

Myth #3: Manifestors must initiate all the time

While it’s best as a Manifestor to make the first move, it does not mean they have to keep initiating every step of the way. It’s healthy for Manifestors to let others know when it’s time for them to step up and take the lead.

Let’s explore Reflectors next

Myth #1: Reflectors are too sensitive

Reflectors are actually deeply resilient. The key for Reflectors is to not take on others’ stresses or emotions as their own and to let others’ feelings flow out of them as quickly as they came in. This allows them to maintain their objectivity (one of their greatest gifts.)

Myth #2: Reflectors don’t know who they are

Reflectors are meant to have a variety of ways they can express themselves. Rather than holding onto one identity tightly, their work is to give themselves permission to keep discovering new versions of themselves, trusting it’s all them.

Myth #3: Their strategy is passive and they can’t be proactive in creating opportunities

One of the most powerful tools Reflectors have to align themselves with the right opportunities is to spend time in spaces and with people that feel good. When they’re in the right space, with the right people, the right opportunities emerge.

And finally, let’s dive into Manifesting Generators

Myth #1: Manifesting Generators have endless amounts of energy and are always active

Manifesting Generators need rest; we all do. However, they may find the most satisfying rest comes when they’ve fully used up their energy doing things they love, whether it’s working, moving their body, or spending time with their favorite people.

Myth #2: Manifesting Generators must pursue multiple ideas at once

If they’re excited by one idea, it’s healthy to honor that. What’s most important is that they’re lit up by what they’re doing, whether it’s pursuing one idea or many. They key is not to limit themselves to just one idea if there’s more they desire to do and to give themselves permission to move on if and when their energy starts to dwindle.

Myth #3: Manifesting Generators cannot pursue and make things happen

The key for Manifesting Generators is to wait for something to light up their gut before they go after something. As soon as their gut gives them the go-ahead, they can move into action and make something happen quicker than anyone else.

Here’s to remembering human design is meant to be a tool that empowers and expands us, not one that limits or disempowers us.

And in case you’re inspired to dig in deeper — these myths come directly from our deep dive classes on Type and Strategy.

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