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Relationship Tips for Manifesting Generators in Human Design

Erin Claire Jones

3 minute read

Human design not only supports us in finding more flow and ease in our own lives, it also helps us understand how to support and love on those close to us — our partners, kids, friends, collaborators or family members.

So today, I wanted to share some relationship tips, unique needs, and what a supportive co-pilot may look like (in life and in love) for human design Manifesting Generators.

As a Manifesting Generator, it’s important that those in relationship with me…

  • Prioritize my excitement and joy. 
  • Support me in pivoting when I feel called to.
  • Create opportunities for me to do something I’m lit up by and spend time with me doing things that bring me joy.
  • Take things off my plate that continually drain and deplete me, honoring my energy as the precious resource it is.
  • Remind me how expansive and uplifting my passion can be for the world around me. 
  • Do not try to keep up with or do as much as me. 
  • Honor my boundaries and the truth of my gut response (rather than asking me to explain it), and ask me specific yes/no questions to help me drop into my gut.

Some of my unique needs include having others…

  • Embrace my passion and power as my gifts – as things for me to step into fully, not run away from. (It’s important others do not try to temper my passion or power because it feels like too much or because they can’t match it.)
  • Support me in charting my own path and doing things differently, even when they haven’t seen it done this way before. (It’s important others do not expect me to do something like others have done it.)
  • Support me in following my gut, even what I can’t explain it. My gut doesn’t come with a reason – it’s a felt sense that something is right for me or not. (It’s important others help me trust my gut rather than ask me to explain it.)
  • Honor my ever-evolving nature and support me in pivoting when my energy is no longer there for something. This doesn’t make me flaky – I move fast and trying on (and letting go of) things is part of my process. It’s important others support me in prioritizing my excitement and honoring my multi-passionate nature.

Supportive co-pilots are people who…

  • Prioritize my excitement and know when I’m lit up by what I’m doing, they’ll benefit too. 
  • Know how to communicate with me and/or are open to learning (e.g. asking me specific questions and giving me things to respond to.) 
  • Admire and are inspired by my speed and power, but are not in competition with it.
  • Give me space to be in my own creative flow, moving in between different projects when inspired. 
  • Don’t make me wrong for letting go of commitments that are no longer for me, but instead, encourage it.
  • Honor the truth of my gut response.

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