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Relationship Tips for Projectors in Human Design

Erin Claire Jones

3 minute read

Human design not only supports us in finding more flow and ease in our own lives, it also helps us understand how to support and love on those close to us — our partners, kids, friends, collaborators, family members, and more.

So today, I wanted to share some relationship tips, unique needs, and what a supportive co-pilot may look like (in life and in love) for Projectors.

As a Projector, it’s important that those in relationship with me…

  • Go deep with me. 
  • Ask me questions and invite in my perspective.
  • Gift me opportunities to relax and recharge or to dive deep into something I’m passionate about.
  • Offer words of affirmation that make me feel understood, seen and known.
  • Honor my need for rest and time alone, and always check in to see what I have the energy for.
  • Let me see all of them and remind me how deeply seen I make them feel.

Some of my unique needs include having others…

  • Support me in creating success on my terms and at my pace, even if my path looks different than theirs. (They do not expect me to keep up with them or to be a consistent doer.)
  • Honor that time and space alone is essential for my well-being and allows me to show up when it’s time to show up. (They do not make me wrong for needing time alone.)
  • Value my perspective and see it as the gift it is. I know they may not always be ready to hear what I see (and I won’t share it with them until you’re ready), but it’s important my insights are not ignored or undervalued.
  • Know I see through things easily and into others deeply, so if they want to connect, it’s important to go deep together rather than stay at the surface. I am gifted at seeing others deeply and thrive when I feel seen in return. 

Supportive co-pilots are people who…

  • Treasure me, recognize my gifts and create opportunities for me to share my gifts with the world. 
  • Don’t expect me to go, go, go all day long and who give me space when I need it.
  • See my gifts and let me know what they see. 
  • Desire to go deep with me and to be deeply seen. 
  • Treasure my perspective and invite it in often, taking action on my guidance and the insights I offer.
  • Bring the generative capacity to support me and help bring my dreams to life.

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