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Relationship Tips for Reflectors in Human Design

Erin Claire Jones

3 minute read

Human design not only supports us in finding more flow and ease in our own lives, it also helps us understand how to support and love on those close to us — our partners, kids, friends, collaborators or family members.

So today, I wanted to share some relationship tips, unique needs, and what a supportive co-pilot may look like (in life and in love) for human design Reflectors.

As a Reflector, it’s important that those in relationship with me…

  • Take me to spaces that they know I love being (e.g., my favorite cafes, restaurants and parks.) 
  • Invite in my perspective and honor it as the gift it is.
  • Check in on what I’m feeling and what feels like the most aligned use of my energy today (rather than assuming it’s the same as yesterday.)
  • Gift me experiences to relax, reset and nourish myself, or time to be in my favorite spaces around my favorite people.
  • Offer words of affirmation and share with me how much they value my uniqueness and treasure who I am.
  • Take good care of their energy, so I can be uplifted and nourished by their presence.

Some of my unique needs include having others…

  • Honor my sensitivity to my space.
  • Appreciate that I experience life in a different and rare kind of way, seeing and sensing things that many don’t. It’s important others do not expect me to operate like they do.
  • Honor that time alone is essential for my well-being and allows me to show up when it’s time to show up.
  • Honor my fluidity in how I express myself, and that my gift is leaning into my many ways of expressing myself rather than choosing just one. It’s important to meet me where I am and to not expect me to show up in the same way, day after day.
  • Value my perspective and see it as the gift it is. Others may not always be ready to hear what I see (and I won’t share until they’re ready), but it’s important my insights don’t feel ignored or undervalued.

Supportive co-pilots are people who…

  • Honor that I’m unique and different and meant to do things in my own way. 
  • Meet me where I am.
  • Honor my sensitivity to space and take good care of their own energy, knowing how attuned I am to what they’re feeling and going through.
  • Treasure my perspective and invite it in often, taking action on my guidance and the insights I offer.
  • Honor my need for space, rest, and time alone.
  • Bring the generative capacity to support me and help bring my dreams to life.

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