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Rihanna’s Human Design

Erin Claire Jones

3 minute read

Rihanna recently performed at the Super Bowl (and announced her pregnancy!) after a 7-year hiatus from performing, so we wanted to take a moment to share her design.

Read on for an excerpt from her Blueprint Guide, insights on her design and her chart.


Rihanna is a 2/4 Manifesting Generator

As a Manifesting Generator, Rihanna is meant to be multi-passionate and varied in her interests, always reinventing herself. Not only is she one of the best-selling music artists of all time, she’s the CEO of a beauty and fashion empire as well as an actress. She has said, “I hate anything that’s too straightforward, too routine, too familiar, and I get bored really, really quickly.”

At the Super Bowl, she performed many of her hits, promoted her company and announced her second pregnancy. Manifesting Generators have a gift for doing it all in their own superhuman way.

She has a 2/4 Profile

With a 4 in her profile, it’s most natural for her to work with and date friends. Her partner, A$AP Rocky, and her were friends long before they were partners. 

She carries a natural warmth and gift for intimacy; she is able to quickly create a cozy sense of connection with people. She’s known for making journalists and her team feel like old friends.

With a 2 in her profile, she brings an innate genius to whatever she does, whether it’s performing, singing, or running a business, often in ways she can’t explain.

She has a naturally private nature and may often feel a need to be alone and in her own flow. Those with 2s in their profile tend to attract attention even when they are in their own flow doing their own thing. The NYT wrote, “Even in absentia, Rihanna has a way of staying the center of attention.”

She has a defined identity center

She carries a powerful sense of self and is meant to feel fully, authentically and creatively expressed in her work and style.

She is meant to be self-assured and in trust of her own way of doing things rather than getting lost trying to emulate or mimic how things have been done before.’’

She has a defined ego center

She brings such heart and willpower to whatever she says yes to. When her heart is in it, she can move mountains and do anything. Her energy naturally empowers others and she can make others believe they can do anything, too. She recently shared, “When you become a mom, there is something that just happens where you feel like you can take on the world.”

She carries the gift of Charisma (20-34 channel) 

She is meant to be endlessly energized and magnetic when she is lit up and on fire by what she’s doing. 

She carries the gift of Conviction (34-10 channel)

She is meant to follow her convictions, no matter what anyone else says or does. 

She carries the gift of Competitiveness (25-51 channel) 

She is naturally motivated, here to inspire others to become better in her presence. 

She carries the gift of Integrity (20-10 channel)

She may find it important to surround herself by people with aligned values to hers. She is meant to inspire authenticity in others simply by being her most authentic, fullest self. She is here to be a beacon of light and a voice for self-love.

She carries the gift of Marketing (26-44 channel)

She has a gift for languaging and sharing things in a way people can really hear.

Her ideal environment is called “Caves” in human design

She has shared before about the cave-style den she’s created, which is the perfect place for her to recharge.

…And that is just the beginning 💫


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