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Signs It’s Wrong For You As a Projector in Human Design

Erin Claire Jones

1 minute read

There is so much to our human design that can help us know when to walk away from a relationship, job, or experience, and when to stay.

Today, I wanted to share a few notes on what it may look like to be in a situation that is no longer right for you, as well as things to leave behind, as a Projector.

Signs it may be time to walk away…

  • You do not feel treasured, recognized and valued for exactly who it is you are.
  • You feel consistently bitter, under-appreciated and unseen.
  • You’re expected to be a consistent doer and to use your energy in a way that burns you out and is unsustainable.
  • You do not have adequate space to take rest and take time alone when you need.
  • You have so many powerful insights and reflections to share yet no one is asking you to share them.

It’s time to leave behind…

  • Investing your energy in people and places where you don’t feel seen.
  • Chasing after opportunities and trying to be seen by people who are not yet ready for your magic.
  • Overworking and seeing rest as lazy and unproductive rather than as essential, nourishing and life-giving.
  • Believing you have to do it all alone.
  • Hiding your magic from the world rather than putting yourself out there and letting yourself be seen.
  • Feeling under-appreciated and undervalued.

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