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Signs of Growth for Manifesting Generators in Human Design

Erin Claire Jones

2 minute read

Aligning with our human design is a lifelong journey and a daily practice.

As you continue the daily practice of aligning more and more closely to your design, I wanted to share signs of growth for Manifesting Generators that may be useful to recognize. 

Signs of growth…

  • You no longer feel the need to make sense to others or walk a path that’s been walked before. You trust you’re meant to do things differently.
  • You see your bigness, passion, and power as your greatest gifts rather than as things to run or shrink away from.
  • You have released any tendency to do what you think you “should” do. You follow what feels right and trust what your gut is pulling you towards.
  • Aligned opportunities and people are flowing your way.
  • You drop into bed satisfied and fulfilled at the end of each day.
  • You no longer see quitting or walking away from a commitment as flaky. You know that when you’re energized by an opportunity, everyone benefits. When you’re depleted by it, no one does.
  • You prioritize your joy and satisfaction daily.

As you continue growing, evolving and integrating your design as a Manifesting Generator, remember to choose expansion over staying small, to allow your passions to evolve, to listen to what you truly have the energy for and what you don’t, to trust your gut instead of your mind to help you make decisions, to pursue as many passions at once as you desire, to follow the path that feels good to you rather than the one you think you should follow, and to trust that all the perfect things are on their way to you with no need to force.


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