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Signs of Growth for Manifestors in Human Design

Erin Claire Jones

2 minute read

Aligning with our human design is a lifelong journey and a daily practice.

As you continue the daily practice of aligning more and more closely to your design, I wanted to share signs of growth for Manifestors that may be useful to recognize. 

Signs of growth… 

  • You’re more interested in being authentic than you are in being liked. 
  • You do not wait for opportunities to come to you. You initiate and take action on your inner urges when they arise. 
  • You actively keep those close to you informed and in the loop about your decisions, even when it feels unnatural.
  • You no longer believe you’re supposed to consistently make things happen. You honor that your energy operates best in creative bursts.
  • You no longer believe you’re meant to do everything by yourself. You allow yourself to be supported by others and to hand off responsibilities.
  • You feel a sense of freedom and peace in your work and in your life.

As you continue growing, evolving and integrating your design as a Manifestor, remember to choose boldness and big dreams over playing small, to trust your urges instead of talking yourself out of them, to choose intentional communication with those close to you, to do things in a way that feels good to you even if others aren’t doing it that way, to choose relationships that inspire you to be bolder, to allow in support and to delegate, to honor the ebbs and flows of your energy and creativity, and to design your life in a way that feels authentic to you and that makes you feel free.


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