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Signs of Growth for Projectors in Human Design

Erin Claire Jones

2 minute read

Aligning with our human design is a lifelong journey and a daily practice.

As you continue the daily practice of aligning more and more closely to your design, I wanted to share signs of growth for Projectors that may be useful to recognize. 

Signs of growth…

  • You no longer need recognition from others to feel worthy. You see your value and recognize yourself.
  • You no longer see rest as lazy, but as an essential act of self-care and as a practice that will only make you better at what you do.
  • You no longer look to others’ paths as your only model for success. You trust you are here to show the world a new way of success.
  • You no longer push your body beyond its capacity. You honor what your body is calling for, taking space and rest when you need it. 
  • You do not feel the need to share your insights with everyone. Just because you see something doesn’t mean someone is ready to hear it.
  • You no longer hide your magic. You share yourself authentically and courageously with the world around you.

As you continue growing, evolving and integrating your design as a Projector, remember to choose ease over hustle, to prioritize being valued for your unique gifts instead of being valued for how hard you push yourself, to choose sustainable success over burnout, to invest your energy in the places you feel treasured, to choose the opportunities and people where you feel authentically seen, to honor the ebbs and flows of your energy, and to fill your cup daily instead of letting it flow to empty.


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