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Signs of Growth for Reflectors in Human Design

Erin Claire Jones

2 minute read

Aligning with our human design is a lifelong journey and a daily practice.

As you continue the daily practice of aligning more and more closely to your design, I wanted to share signs of growth for Reflectors that may be useful to recognize. 

Signs of growth…

  • You no longer try to do things like those around you.
  • You no longer feel the pressure to show up in just one way; you love how vast your potential for expression is, and you surrender fully to it.
  • You no longer tolerate people and spaces that do not feel good to be around. You pull your precious energy out of those spaces.
  • You no longer take in others’ feelings as your own; you see them for what they are and you take space from others when you need to reset.
  • You no longer try to keep up with the world around you.
  • You trust your gift is how perceptively you see, not how much you can do.
  • You take as much time as you need to feel into a decision before you say yes, even if those around you are pressuring you to move faster.

As you continue growing, evolving and integrating your design as a Reflector, remember to choose spaces that feel nourishing to be in, to open yourself to all possible expressions of yourself, to choose relationships where you feel treasured and free to be all of you, to opt for patience over urgency, to pay attention to which excitements remain with you over time, to become aware of what’s yours rather than getting lost in feelings that are not your own, and to share your potent perspective and wisdom with the people who value it.


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