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Six Things to Stop Settling For As a Manifesting Generator in Human Design

Erin Claire Jones

2 minute read

One of the things I love most about human design is how actionable it is. There is so much we can learn about ourselves and begin to take action on based on our human design type alone, including where we may be settling for things that do not make us feel our best.

So today, I want to share six things to stop settling for as a Manifesting Generator.

I am going to stop settling for…

  1. Commitments I’m sticking with or saying yes to simply because I think I should or because I’m afraid nothing else will come, not because they are the most aligned use of my energy.
  2. Commitments that often feel frustrating and exhausting.
  3. Relationships that leave me feeling more drained than fulfilled, energized and satisfied.
  4. A linear career path rather than a path that embraces the multi-passionate, ever-evolving creative I am.
  5. A path chosen simply to make sense to others.
  6. Days full of frustration, exhaustion, and boredom.

Instead, I am going to choose…

  1. To trust whatever my gut is pulling me towards, without needing to know where it’s going to take me.
  2. Connections that uplift, expand and energize me.
  3. Opportunities that give me a sense of deep satisfaction.
  4. To let go of what’s no longer for me, even if it once was.
  5. To believe my joy and excitement are important and that prioritizing them will brighten the world around me.
  6. A path that feels good to me over one that makes sense to others.

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