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Six Things to Stop Settling For As a Manifestor in Human Design

Erin Claire Jones

2 minute read

One of the things I love most about human design is how actionable it is. There is so much we can learn about ourselves and begin to take action on based on our human design type alone, including where we may be settling for things that do not make us feel our best.

So today, I want to share six things to stop settling for as a Manifestor.

I am going to stop settling for…

  1. Commitments where my disruptive and transformative energy is not honored and valued.
  2. Days where I feel pressure to do, do, do all day long and don’t give myself permission to reset and recharge alone.
  3. Relationships where my power is not embraced and respected.
  4. Attempting to do it all myself without allowing in support.
  5. People-pleasing and prioritizing being liked by others over expressing myself authentically and courageously.
  6. Days where I feel disempowered, confined and angry.

Instead, I am going to choose…

  1. To own my innate power and take actions on my ideas.
  2. Authenticity, courage and bigness over playing small.
  3. Intentional communication with those around me, trusting it’ll bring me more freedom and peace.
  4. Opportunities where I feel free to be the disruptive and transformative force I’m meant to be.
  5. To give myself permission to work in creative bursts and take rest when I need it.
  6. To surround myself with those who embolden me and inspire me to be courageous.

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